The Former Peacock Inn

It was Joyce Bohn’s lifelong dream to open up a bed & breakfast. Her love of people and natural ability to create connections with them made her the perfect person for such a position. Joyce happened upon the historic C.H. Klein mansion, in Chaska, Minnesota, by accident and instantly fell in love with it. Joyce knew it was the perfect choice for the bed & breakfast she had always dreamt of running. Within one year of around-the-clock work, the inn opened on February 14, 1999. Named after her love of the majestic creatures, The Peacock Inn brought joy to Joyce and her many guests for 12 years.

“It was everything I dreamed it would be!” - Joyce Bohn, owner of The Peacock Inn.

Joyce completely restored the mansion and filled it with beautiful antiques and brought the gardens to life. All of the bedding and drapes in the five beds & baths were custom-made and unique to the palatial decor designed for each room. The Peacock Inn was complete with formal living and dining rooms, a library and a grand, inviting fourier. The upper levels also included a hospitality and sitting room for socializing. Restored stained glass brought even more elegant touches to the structure of the building as well.

It was Joyce’s pleasure to greet her guests with friendliness and get to know them during their stay. She presented their meals on antique china and adorned the dining room table with ornate table settings, working to make each guest feel special.

The doors of The Peacock Inn closed on December 31, 2010, after countless guests had the pleasure of staying in a bed & breakfast they all described as "the nicest B&B we've ever stayed in!" 

Were you a guest at The Peacock Inn? There is a good chance you'll see some of that beautiful decor for sale at The Brass Peacock! Stop by and relive old memories, or purchase a piece to grace your own personal "bed and breakfast."

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